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The True Origins of Natsu Dragneel

The True Origins of Natsu Dragneel

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FanfictionWriter By Mysterious_Writer03 Updated Oct 08, 2016

Everyone has a past, Erza scarlet was a slave, who was abused and violated, into help build the tower of heaven. Lucy Heartfillia was a runaway princess, who's father neglected and dismissed her. Gray Fullbuster witnessed his family and mentor die by the hands of the great demon, Deriora. Nobody knows about Natsu's past or family, until someone suddenly interrupts Natsu's newly built life.

NutMeg20 NutMeg20 May 11, 2016
Yes you can! Everything in there is somewhat edible except the ground!
Gajeelthecatlover Gajeelthecatlover Apr 01, 2016
It was about how Natsu and Lucy fell in love, but slowly Natsu started to turn evil as END was starting to possess him, Lucy tried to save him, but ended up dying. 
                              Author-San just told us the ending to this fanfic.
TheGhosting_Past TheGhosting_Past Dec 20, 2016
Natsu could probably eat a star if he got close to one. Who says he can't eat a lake? (Besides u of course)
This is my autobiography! I wrote it myself. "That's.. What autobiography means." Yeah, because its auto. Like a... Dishwasher.
EtherealTulip EtherealTulip Jun 04, 2016
That author must have been high when he wrote that! Or... He could just be Zeref......
BookwormSid1015 BookwormSid1015 Apr 11, 2016
The book is foreshadowing what will happen to Natsu... Also how NaLu is cannon :P