White Rose Flower Crown (Phan)

White Rose Flower Crown (Phan)

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Tia and Danni By PrincessHowlters Updated Jul 25, 2017

Pastel!Dan/ Punk!Phil Highschool AU.

Dan Howell loves pastel colors flower crowns.  Phil Lester's a very scary looking punk.  

Dan normally keeps to himself, as to not get into any trouble, which he was prone to do at his old school, but when he interacts with Phil, that changes.  

*Horrible summary, I know,  but the story is great- I promise.

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I would of drew all over it then tear it up and thow it away
The fact that they literally came up with the ship name irl makes this 10x better
Weird thing is that we had an art teacher at my old school called Mrs. Swan
i would've said "can you stop being rude ass twat bags? thanks"
Wow, he has control I just stare them in the eye and speak my mind like 'Can you stop being an annoying prick' they usually just stare back before not responding like a pussy
Nah mate. Remember friends can kiss eachother as long as they say “no homo” which phil did not say HOMO INTENDED DAMNIT