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My Mate, The Alpha (Harry Styles werewolf fanfiction)

My Mate, The Alpha (Harry Styles werewolf fanfiction)

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meme_1D By meme_1D Updated Jul 16, 2016

there were about 15 men sitting in chairs looking really bored. they were probably the most Important young males in the whole of Britian. we stood in the center, I kept my gaze at the floor as I felt one of the men stand up, i tightened my grip on Lola's hand as I felt him come towards us, he stopped right in front of me, I felt his hand touch my chin and slowly tilt my head up to face him, as soon as I met his face I gasped. He was Harry Styles. The Alpha of my pack. a smile crept on his lips as he spoke the word. "Mine"

BlankBlankBlanknk BlankBlankBlanknk Mar 22, 2015
You shouldn't make her fourteen. It's too young for the story. But I love the idea you have pictured in your mind. Maybe you could use that idea and upgrade it? But otherwise, I love your story! Keep going, hun!
mishamigos_0 mishamigos_0 Feb 05, 2015
Also, punctuation! I know, it's terrible to type on a mobile device, but it us crucial!
mishamigos_0 mishamigos_0 Feb 05, 2015
                              I gotta tell you...I rashly love this book so far, but remember to capitalize I and make new paragraphs!
your such a good writer you've got me scared for books will never be good like yours love yours so mucn
SpACE0 SpACE0 Apr 14, 2014
Good story maybe make her  16 you know just so it isn't awkward to read because I am 14 so yeah
Sheesays Sheesays Jul 26, 2013
its very good for your first story just that 14 is a little too young