Perfect Imperfections | Marco Diaz X Reader

Perfect Imperfections | Marco Diaz X Reader

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g o d d e s s ; By hikarusasaki Updated Aug 27

❝ Out of billions of people in the world, why me? I'm so... unrefined. ❞

❝ Just so happens that, I love your perfect imperfections. ❞

In a small neighborhood of Los Angeles, namely Echo Creek, Y/N transfers to refresh and start a new life living a clean reputation. A getaway from her prestigious name and dreads of the past. She, then, meets Marco Diaz-the first person that she has ever met in Echo Creek Academy, which she considers as her first friend and soon to a liking.

As she was slowly adjusting to her first day, she unexpectedly meets her childhood friend-Lucas G. Silverwood. A charming 15-year-old with genes to die for. Although, Y/N sees him as a friend. There were inferiors to that part.

A tragic past. A guy who you like. A boy for a best friend.

And more to come.

Are you ready for the journey, Y/N? 


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P.S. I am a hardcore fan of the series ; Star Vs The Forces Of Evil.


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I kinda find it "Sexy" or "hot" that he cusses XD
                              I'm weird.
httpjunky httpjunky Jul 26
Safe Kid?!?! What Marco watch your profanity!!! Oh no he's getting older 😭
Welp, dramas a bitch whatcha gonna do? Drama comes naturally.
-toxxii- -toxxii- Jul 17
//seriously is nobody going to make a peridot "WOW, THANKS" reference here??//
RaneeaRayne RaneeaRayne Sep 03
Lmao, star is basically me at school when i heard my friend like 'the bad boy' in class lol-
When you want Starco to happen and you just sit there going....Um......