Perfect Imperfections | Marco Diaz X Reader

Perfect Imperfections | Marco Diaz X Reader

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just s h e y By carsheywrites Updated Mar 26

❝ Out of billions of people in the world, why me? I'm so... unrefined. ❞

❝ Just so happens that, I love your perfect imperfections. ❞

In a small neighborhood of Los Angeles, namely Echo Creek, Y/N transfers to refresh and start a new life living a clean reputation. A getaway from her prestigious name and dreads of the past. She, then, meets Marco Diaz-the first person that she has ever met in Echo Creek Academy, which she considers as her first friend and soon to a liking.

As she was slowly adjusting to her first day, she unexpectedly meets her childhood friend-Lucas G. Silverwood. A charming 15-year-old with genes to die for. Although, Y/N sees him as a friend. There were inferiors to that part.

A tragic past. A guy who you like. A boy for a best friend.

And more to come.

Are you ready for the journey, Y/N? 


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✔ Disclaimer : I do not own anything except for the fanfiction, OCs & cover ✔

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P.S. I am a hardcore fan of the series ; Star Vs The Forces Of Evil.


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Yurio_bae Yurio_bae Apr 01
So true I’m sorry Marco *pushes Marco out the way and jumps into giant bucket of fried chicken*
Jeez, Gem....I mean, even the star oath shouldnt be traumatic.
                              Uh idk I thought of a random name *Star voice* his name is henry
pinkabby123 pinkabby123 Apr 08
When I read Lucas my thoughts were on roblox and on robloxian highschool my name is Lucas if you see a man with a long neck named Lucas dats me Lmao
pinkabby123 pinkabby123 Apr 08
Lmao whenever drama happens I'm always that kid who brings snacks and share it with the class. I've actually never been in a argument or inbetween drama like actually in it
                              I’m calling it now that’s Jackie