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Brody (male/male) 18+

Brody (male/male) 18+

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BlueInnerLionest By BlueInnerLionest Updated Feb 04, 2016

I couldn't explain how exquisite and extraordinary he was when I laid eyes on him... that lean and slightly define muscles on this arms, how his smiles gives you this most intoxicating feeling of butterflies in your stomach and the way the sunlight reflects off of his glistening, white as snow skin. Making it shimmer in a way when he rotates his body that has it beaming off of him like the suns radius. 
My train of thought has been gone for so long I could barley hear out his abnormal coughing, signaling to me with how I'm staring at his gorgeous figure instead of communicating to him like a real human being. "I'm so sorry, god I'm such a wreck right now. I can pay for that, seriously how much does it cost I'll pay for it." he states abruptly, flitching with how frighten and anxious he is, its kind of heart warming but frowning.  
He's pointing a finger to my  L.A sweat shirt, completely disremembering  with how he accidentally spilled what appears to me his  used to be coffee or hot chocolate on me, getting it right at the center of where it says "L.A" on it and dripping down to my waist like fresh raindrops. 
I shake my head as if he's misunderstood for the whole situation and wave my hand out, flicking it over in this 'hand motion' to show him how dramatic this whole thing is. "It's my fault really, I should've been watching were I was going. Its hard not looking at someone so stunning and how disappointing it is for them to be walking alone that is." I respond to him,  giving him my devilish smirk, showing him my clear pointed white teeth to him, I stare intensely into his warm hazel green eyes, lusting over them and how my eyes drop to glimpse at his cherry like lips, their in this perfect form... inviting... hot boiling to the skin and perfect for getting wrecked by a real dominate. 
He notices the trail my eyes lead to and couldn't help to contain how his cheeks are flushed scarlet as a rose. He laughs awkwardly but in amuse. "I'm Eric" he responds

Scrbbled_Inc Scrbbled_Inc Feb 24, 2016
I don't know about you, but I would spend my Christmas eating, and watching anime.
dosplitsonsatansdick dosplitsonsatansdick Dec 21, 2016
Am I the only one that can see his dick from the pant leg.....yes? Okay
I like it, your way of writing in general, and your style of writing smut especially... I absolutely love it, you gotta continue, it's a waste of your talent if you don't. XD
mare327 mare327 May 17, 2016
I don't want to be rude but you should be careful with the gif because there are some people who are searching for things like that so they can report stories and got them deleted
andy16love andy16love Jul 10, 2016
a mi me encanto la imagen gif jjajajaa
                              solo que quedo solito
Njabubbles Njabubbles Jan 25, 2016
The free porno at the beginning of the chapter xD AND THAT DAMN JIGGLY BUTT!!!!!!!!!