Fake In Love

Fake In Love

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Janice Martana By fourlocks Completed

Park Seo Yeon is the most famous actress right now. She caught everyone's heart with her bubbly personality and beautiful heart. One day , she met Byun Baekhyun the most famous actor back then in an interview.

He turns out insulting her and make her mad. She hates him. One day , they have to act together in a romance drama as the lead character.

They don't agree of course but it's too late because their companies already sign the contract with the producer of that drama. 

In that drama , they experience love , hate , fight and friendship. It turns out the lead character fall in love with each other in the end. 


"Stop acting like a jerk" Seoyeon hissed

"I can't get tired to make you piss" Baekhyun smirked

"I hate you with all my life"

"The feeling is mutual Subin" Baekhyun smirked and called me with the named of my character in the drama

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anitasofra anitasofra Jan 30, 2016
Baekhyun Baekhyun Baekhyun..oh my god oh my god oh my god...i cant control my feelings...overdose excited..
MRSBYUN413 MRSBYUN413 Jan 17, 2016
That's oki unnie.☺.. but are you still going to continue this storie?
Nurynalie Nurynalie Jan 17, 2016
Gwenchanna unnie.. I will always support you from your back 😁 dont care about haters okay ? Actually , about your real story , Im looking forward to it ^^ Good luck.. n You're my fav Author n you are a Good writer toooo 💖
RachelFate98 RachelFate98 Jan 17, 2016
No problem...i will suport you.if this is what you want just follow your dream and make it real.Good luck with your novel!! ♡you are a very good writer and i think will not be a problem to succed.Follow your heart ♥
-byeongari -byeongari Jan 14, 2016
We've got a difference here. I do not ship them, I've got my reasons
-byeongari -byeongari Jan 14, 2016
Hey,are you my long lost twin? They're all my biases too, especially Baekhyun, Joongkook, hongbin and mingyu