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Lost and Insecure (ManxBoy)

Lost and Insecure (ManxBoy)

295K Reads 15.3K Votes 31 Part Story
Suspicious_Minds By Suspicious_Minds Completed

White hair. That seemed to be the only thing people noticed about sixteen year-old Luke. He has been abused and harassed his whole life because of it. After running away from a horrible orphanage, Luke now lives on the streets trying to survive without anybodies help. 
Things are about to get worse for Luke once a simple encounter with a handsome stranger turns into something much more. 
The worst part is that the stranger now wants the 'pretty white haired boy' all to himself even if he needs to sink his sharp fangs into his neck to make him understand..

~*~Cover photo done by one of my lovely readers, healer12. ~*~

VeilTurnsToBlack VeilTurnsToBlack Apr 23, 2016
Ok, wait! So he name is Lucky Blue...? Ive never heard that kind of name before. Its unique☺
theloveintheireyes theloveintheireyes Sep 01, 2016
That was one of the best book trailers I've actually ever seen.😃 Good Job!
kozakura122 kozakura122 Jan 03
Well, people always make fun of the things which are different from the things they have...
purplegiraffes21 purplegiraffes21 Nov 23, 2016
Hey... I know one other naturally born white haired beauty and she has 3 dragons
Techno626 Techno626 Aug 15, 2016
Amazing introduction...   Luke is very cute especially with the white hair..
kaykatmikykit12 kaykatmikykit12 May 21, 2016
I wonder if there going to be someone found laying on the floor