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Luke Hemmings' Secret Sister

Luke Hemmings' Secret Sister

37.7K Reads 1.1K Votes 27 Part Story
Zahraa By fangirl2point0_ Completed

Laura Hemmings has been locked up in her room since the beginning of school. Not allowed out she finds a way to make money without anyone realising. Once she has enough money she runs away and moves to Canada and changes her last name. Once life finally starts being good she bumps into her twin who hasn't made an effort to talk to her since their mother locked her up in her room.

(A/N I make Liz [Luke's mum] seem like a bitch in this story I would just like to say I don't think she actually acts this way it's just for the story)

*Warning Contains Swearing*

BurieFace BurieFace Sep 26, 2016
Life is complete.
                              Finally where's magcon,1D,5SOS
                              WHERES THE FLIPPING TACOCATS
When I read Hale I instantly throught of Jasper Hale form Twlight!!!!
SamanthaDraws SamanthaDraws Nov 20, 2016
Speaking of hale, it's hailing out side right now and it's only 44 degrees Fahrenheit
Omfg I would die if my bf was Christian Collins😍😍😍😍😍😍
KathySure101 KathySure101 Dec 24, 2016
I can't imagine Chris swearing & punching someone, he's too freaking cute 😍😍 and (say this sassly) Luke is damn puberty much? 😏😁
Olivia_mgc_Lipsey Olivia_mgc_Lipsey Aug 04, 2016
I love Chris and all but 'Hale' makes me think of Teen Wolf. Am I the only one?