The Hunt (Septiplier boyxboy)

The Hunt (Septiplier boyxboy)

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Why_dont_I_work By Why_dont_I_work Updated Jul 26

'It was just a game. That's all it's ever been, that's all it will ever be.'

Marks lifestyle is a bit... Different, then what we had all thought.
There's no denying that Mark has gone insane. Although he manages to keep his mask on in front of his fans and fellow Youtubers, it's only a matter of time before that mask starts to crack.
Sean is the first one to witness one of these cracks after he video chats Mark, not knowing that he had just come back from torturing and murdering a young innocent couple.
When Sean spots the blood, Mark knows he'll have to eliminate Sean soon enough, or his secret will get out.
But why get rid of him quickly? Why not have a bit of fun with Sean? Or rather, have a good hunt.

(Warnings: Blood, Gore, Insanity, Death, Depression, (Maybe) Self Harm, Smut, Yaoi, BoyxBoy)

JewelsBear JewelsBear Jul 02
I'm reading this while listening to Animal I have Become by Three Days Grace and it fits so WELL!!
Is it bad a said gross when jacks girlfriend got mentioned
                              Sorry not sorry
Death_Saint Death_Saint Jul 31
Your warning at the end of the description describes my life XD
mXberryP mXberryP May 31
My favorite part in the story is that whenever mark is involved jack forgets about his gf like that and when marks done in the subject it's back to her like no one is going to stop him 2 see him😂😆😄
Wow I like it it's scary already. It's like The Most Dangerous Game. That low key freaked me out.
The years start coming and they don't stop coming and they don't stop comingand they don't stop comingand they don't stop comingand they don't stop comingand they don't stop coming