Star And Marco On Dares!!!

Star And Marco On Dares!!!

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Armadillo By fangirlshipper0615 Updated Apr 28, 2017

Well here it is my fellow fangirls! Star and Marco vs. The forces of Dares!! Get your Dares ready (and also your Marco's Super Awesome Nachos!)

There will be loads of stuff not only Dares, there will also be:
☆ Ship reactions
☆I will be Co-hosting!
☆and loads of Fun

Expect other characters! And if you already read my other book (♡Starco~Whatever it takes♡) Then you know the rest! ^-^
MKay Byee!

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Lumicrat Lumicrat Apr 22, 2017
"Best Friend" pfft, yeah right. You two are a little to close for that. I mean, WHO WOULD BE VIDEO CAMMING THEIR FRIEND WHEN THEY'VE JUST FINISHED BATHING???!!
Lumicrat Lumicrat Apr 22, 2017
I dare Wirt and Dipper tell their opinions about Starco.Late ik
Midnight_Fries Midnight_Fries Apr 25, 2017
But now for long for long.. Coz we could be im-i mean.. LOVERS! Yeah. 
Lumicrat Lumicrat Apr 22, 2017
Starco will live......
                              it just.....
                              it just has too
                              The chemistry is already there.
Storyblazer Storyblazer Oct 07, 2017
I didn't know star was horrible at english, she spelt Lover wrong.
Naomidot Naomidot Dec 26, 2015
Star why did you break up with Tom is it causes anger issues ? Everyone has anger issues in life