She Changed My Life {Book 1}

She Changed My Life {Book 1}

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Why is the world against us?
It's like time, world and them VS us....

Is it wrong for me to love you?
Is it wrong for you to love me?

Just Why? Tell me why?

Are Past,Present and Future forcing us to not meet or met?
If  they are, Is our love strong enough to face all of the diffuculties and problems?
Even if fairies, witches and wizards are real, planning to break us apart, they can't right?

Cause We have two different heart but beating as one.....

Now that you have changed my life, Everything's perfect for us but them......

covercredits: @bae_syaa
This story is unedited so please bare with the typos and grammatical errors. 
thank you

Into the new world is my favorite song to the girls generation
Sorry Guys For This Very Bad Chapter. I'll edit it someday :))))))))