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Mini Reid (Book 3 in the Boss's Niece series #Wattys2016)

Mini Reid (Book 3 in the Boss's Niece series #Wattys2016)

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Sherlock Holmes By StrongerThanIWas Completed

It's been 6 months since Melanie and Spencer Reid got married. They're still happily working at the BAU. Mel has even dropped the SSA title and picked up a doctor one. And, without Justin around, the two have no worries. One day, Mel has a rude awaken. She plays it off as food poisoning or sickness. It's Mel's friend, JJ, who helps her realize the truth. Reid and Mel are having a mini Reid.

ElenaLuck ElenaLuck May 17, 2016
Wasn't powers the last name of one of the victims in your first book? I might be wrong
LittleMouse16 LittleMouse16 Sep 28, 2016
This is my second time reading this series and I decided to re read them And vote and stuff. Sorry I skipped book two...for my re reading of the series but I added it to my reading list...sorry
seriouslymark seriouslymark May 16, 2016
At first I was like "but your name is Hotch not Aaron....oh wait"
Anyone else think of Sherlock  never really liked Mary there is nothing wrong about her just my otp was johnlock  and then she came and ruined it
seriouslymark seriouslymark May 16, 2016
Why can't I have these conversations with my best friend?? Oh, wait. Because I'm forever alone....
doctorwhofan24 doctorwhofan24 Jun 27, 2016
Remember that episode from season two when the teenage boy went up to Reid and asked for help.