The Living Sorceress

The Living Sorceress

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Bella By Bella_Belle21 Updated Jan 25, 2016

"Just because you can do what you do, doesn't mean you don't need swords," - Madam Rider


We were told to accept who we are. But how to do that when who we really are changes who we used to be?

Rowena Trevils is the ordinary high school girl - like us.

• She has friends.

• She complains about school.

• She doesn't like sports.

Long story short, if life were a movie, she'd be one of those who were standing at the back, being extras as the main characters were loaded with such trouble.

But apparently she is not ordinary enough. For ordinary is not the right word to describe what she really is.

From not liking sports, to having to learn how to use weapons and fight, Rowena has to find her strength and courage to bear it all; emotionally and physically.

But does Rowena know what she's preparing for?

Read to witness how Rowena Trevils' life takes a 360° turn after she finds out what she really is, and even worse, what she really needs to do.

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ohiostategirl07 ohiostategirl07 Jan 14, 2016
Once again great chapter. You've done a great job at hooking the reader. I also love the Harry Potter references :)
ohiostategirl07 ohiostategirl07 Jan 14, 2016
Love this so far! It is very intriguing and very unique. You have me hooked! :)