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Alicia By daff123 Updated May 13, 2017

Velvet Williams is a thirty-one year old woman who has had her share of relationships but one mainly she invested in for nearly twenty years. She met her husband of her two girls when she was at the innocent age of 11. He was the boy that moved in down the street that no one talked to on the bus. He was the kid that sat at the lunch table alone for the first month of his's when Velvet felt sorry for him and decided to step up, be the bigger person and stick up for him during a bully fest one day in front of the lockers. She never felt like she was much as far as fighting but she had her daddy's temper. 

That day Velvet walked over to the band of bad boys surrounding him for a fight. She grabbed the hat of the leader and flung it in the middle of the spectating students. It was his chance, their chance to run and get away and they did.

From that very day it was Carter and Velvet. 

Just like all hero tales things don't always go as though they should. There's fight, turmoil and even tragedy but for Velvet, it didn't last that long. After their untimely separation, Velvet moved on and quickly to shield her pain...she got involved in her local church becoming a ministry leader. She was the go to woman when prayer was needed or just a word of encouragement.  She had it all figured out, or so she thought.

                                                                          Until the reckoning.

Rating: Restricted for violence, language and sexual situations. I don't recommend this story being read by anyone 15 or younger just for the fact that it isn't on your level. You may not comprehend relationships, marriage, and stresses of adult situations. This story also could be labeled "Mature" for some of the scenes are just that deep within maturity. 

                                                                              Enjoy Velvet's Journey!

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Laniyaaa_ Laniyaaa_ Oct 30, 2016
She has this one look that will have anyone fear her small a**
maddytheman99 maddytheman99 Jul 14, 2016
This is my mom...that look is scarier than any other threat I've EVER seen in my life
pmgayles pmgayles Jul 07, 2016
Did her husband leave her or did he die?  Hosea wants to be sued for sexual harassment doesn't he?
Qyeencookies Qyeencookies Jan 16, 2016
*singing* Baby baby baby oh like baby baby baby oh (there are like 15 million baby's in his song so I won't continue)
GreenRoots GreenRoots Dec 21, 2015
Wow, very intriguing intro! I'm already looking forward to seeing what comes next!