Lucy, Acnologia daughter

Lucy, Acnologia daughter

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Scarlett_ Akumi By Diamond_Cheney Updated Oct 02

It's been a month since Lisanna has come back and Lucy feels invisible except for some friends who still care about her. All she wants is to be with Natsu and tell him who she feels.... Natsu has changed ever since Lisanna came back..... They even treat Lucy like trash, call her weak, till one day Natsu starts dating Lisanna. She later finds out the truth including a major news..... Acnologia daugther and dragon princess.... (A/N: in this story her mom is alive and she will met Zeref. I might make it a Zerlu but still not sure)

The above pic is how Lucy will look in the future the top picture is how she looks but with the hair color of the second picture and the sytle of dressing in the third picture....

Still don't know who she should end up with......

LET ME AT HIM -is being held back by erza guildarts Mira elf man and Laxus-
I'm literally wearing s shirt that says I don't care while I was reading this 😶
Yep i knew it within 0.000000000000000000000001 seconds that it was juvia
kuro_yukine kuro_yukine Aug 13
Author its obvs juvia she is the only one who calls hum gray sama
@RavenGreer2 Don't worry I agree about Ms. Bítch or Lasagna..
Why is it in most Lucy stories lisanna is dating Natsu and is mean to Lucy she's not like that in the episodes