The 5 Protective Brothers (Spanking Story) (Completed)

The 5 Protective Brothers (Spanking Story) (Completed)

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Emily lives with her five overprotective brothers her parents died in a car accident 2 years ago ever since then her brothers has raised her and she been living by these set of rules.
1. No boyfriends
2. Home by 9:30
3. Check in 
4. Listen 
5. No cursing 
6. Don't talk back 
7. No attitude 
8. Do homework 
9. No bad grades 
If she brakes these rules she gets spanked.

Nathan is hardest spanker. 
Colton is second hardest spanker.
Tristan is third hardest spanker. 
Caleb is fourth hardest spanker.
Caden is fifth hardest spanker. 

******************************************Hey guys this is my first book please tell me how you like it. Don't put rude comments please I am going to try my best writing this story.


  • friendship
  • olderbrothers
  • school
Woah hold up fish first you spank her 35 times then you rock her back and forth wtf is wrong with u yeah she sneaked out but geez
Okay what tf is wrong with them? The way they think and talk it seems sexual to them. Crept its kinda abusive
I am so excited to start reading this book omg do not spoil it for me
RexTheBoy RexTheBoy Aug 25
What did I laugh so hard at this. Like jeez. Breath. Seriously. 😂. I wish you can save people's lives but just saying breath and they just breath
RexTheBoy RexTheBoy Aug 25
Omg. sleeping is wrong. Oh god. I can't believe I have been doing something wrong all my life. Maybe I should just die now
If I could do that people would stop pissing me off so much and know it's time to shut up or die😂