Rebirth (Charles Xavier Love Story)

Rebirth (Charles Xavier Love Story)

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chanceux By chanceux Updated Aug 14, 2017


The destruction of the future has seemingly and supposedly been evaded. Now ten years down the line, with Charles Xavier and Sophia Grey wed, the Xavier Mansion running as a full time school for gifted students, and any trace of a threat gone, everything seems peaceful. 

But is it truly?

Visions of an apocalyptic world and a devastated earth cannot seem to escape Sophia's mind, and Jean Grey, Sophia's niece, who also appears to be affected by these visions, only confirms that there is something else out there--something else that wants to reap havoc. 

And his name is En Sabah Nur. 

*disclaimer: all characters except for Sophia Grey are property of Marvel*
This is the last installment of the Charles XavierXSophia Grey series. Takes place during X-Men Apocalypse.

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CosmicAeon CosmicAeon Feb 27, 2017
I think it's cool she kept her maiden name tbh, considering the time frame.
                               it would be considered normal to take Xavier as her last name, but she didn't. I think that's cool.
TshMrphy TshMrphy Nov 23, 2016
*chokes on popcorn (bc I'm eating it while reading* DAMNNNNNNNNN
maze_runner20011 maze_runner20011 Jul 01, 2016
*Erik appears at the doorframe* Kinky *walks away with a shark smile*
LumosThenNox LumosThenNox Aug 04, 2016
Now that is true love if your partner can cause that kind of reaction
JoshieHasMySoul JoshieHasMySoul Aug 02, 2016
Why did i laugh? I should bot have laughed... but i did. Oh well
supremeleaderkyloren supremeleaderkyloren Jun 09, 2016
I don't know what I'm supposed to do with my life because I'm still on the bus and I will be for a few more hours and I hAVE NOTHING TO READ NOW