What is love (Carlos De Vil x Reader)

What is love (Carlos De Vil x Reader)

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(Y/N) the one a only daughter of Hades. Hades, having the wonderful father skills he has, has kept (Y/N) looked up in his castle in the Isle of The Lost. Well not really his, he shared it with 4 other villains, but Hades never let (Y/N) out of his part of the castle. All (Y/N) wanted was to be free. Will her wish one day come true? 

Mal the one and only daughter of Maleficent, along with Evie, daughter of the Evil Queen, Carlos De Vil, son of Curella De Vil, and Jay, son of Jafar, they practically rule the Isle of The Lost, behind their parents that is of course. 

What happens when all of the children leave the island, including (Y/N)? 

Will feeling be devolved? 
Will secrets be revealed?
Will everything end in the best ways of the worst? 

Read to find out!

(Probably best description I've ever written to be honest)

I hope I won't have to fight Jason and Thalia (PJO and HoO fandom will know what I'm talking about) And oh gods if I have to fight perce and Tyson with Annabeth  because goes everywhere with the seaweed brain
Disneylover8 Disneylover8 6 days ago
I read "Derpy's son" and burst out laughing. Not to mention it's late and I supposed to be asleep
Derpy????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????  I just saying but isn't suppose to be Dopey instead of Dery