My Hustle and Lover: COMPLETED ✅

My Hustle and Lover: COMPLETED ✅

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A Hustler is somebody who works aggressively and determinedly, especially to advance his or her career or status. (A) Someone who hides his/her true skills to strike when the stakes are at their highest. (B) Informal go-getter, live wire. A shrewd or unscrupulous person who knows how to circumvent on difficulties. (C) To obtain (money) by methods to pursue sales with aggressive energy. An Intensely energetic enthusiastic person. (D) You, Me, Them.

There are two different types of hustlers though. You have one that does it the legal way and the other that does it the illegal way. Both just trying to get their paper and survive but are still put in two different categories. One is successful and smart the other a thug and stupid. But what happens when the two crosses each other paths?

Basically from two different worlds. Raised two different ways but at the same time have so much in common. Read to find out how My Hustler and I came to be.

All Rights Reserved to Taliya D. Ball 

This is a fictional story , none of the scenes in this book really happen. None of the pictures used in this book belong to me.

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Question: I've read the other book with Brooklyn in it talking about his medications and now their talking about him taking it in this book. Does he really take medication in real life?
litebriteee litebriteee Aug 07
Obviously she didn't want a Cliché so she changed his last name😂😂 but it should be a crime to be that fine😍😍
naebabii naebabii Jan 16
Thank You U Kept Mel Alive 😔💯 Cause I Hate When Stories Speak On His Brother like they knew him and what went down 💯
naebabii naebabii Jan 16
Never judge a book by it's cover 💯 she probably could've Change For the Better And Etc 💯
Yes gawdddd 💦😩 every time I see him specially when clench his jaw