Avenge Me

Avenge Me

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jamie. By x0XjamieeX0x Updated Oct 05, 2014

Fate. Fate has a funny way of working. Who would've thought that through death, bonds are tested and friends and allies are made and destroyed? Certainly not Celina Nox. 

  Love. Love is twisted and cruel. Who would've thought that through the loss of one love, another emerges to mend the gaping blackened thing now called a heart?

  Hate. Hate is strong and blinding. Who would've thought it could turn around so completely?

  In the brutal, violent, and power-driven vampire society, bonds and relations are created and destroyed as often as we take a breath. And for the same reason-- To survive. The only thing that seems permanent in this unstable world are the matches formed by Fate, woven together by Love and Hate. But as rare as they are, they are formed when two people are perfectly balanced.

  Everything is set in stone. From even before the Ancients came along. 

  Fate has a funny way of working...

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x0XjamieeX0x x0XjamieeX0x Jun 09, 2011
@xXBulletTheBlueSkyXx Thanks ! Hope you keep reading.
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SMILEY99552 SMILEY99552 Jun 02, 2011
I really like this so far and your book cover is awesome!!
LittleAmy LittleAmy May 06, 2011
I do agree with past comments, it is a bit sudden telling the reader straight away that she's a vampire. I did like it though - it was well-written and interesting. Voted!
x0XjamieeX0x x0XjamieeX0x Apr 04, 2011
@treehugger11 Thank you(: I actually like that line better, thanks :P
                              Hope you continue reading !
MissRaRa MissRaRa Apr 02, 2011
I love the starting chapter, it sucks me in! not literally obvs.
x0XjamieeX0x x0XjamieeX0x Mar 12, 2011
@BeccaM16XoXo Thanks for voting and commenting ! :D
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