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ZEY SKILLED BOSSES By sterling25 Completed

Rejected at first sight. Rain Winter was rejected at first sight by her mate 
alpha Clark Scar. When he said I alpha Clark Scar reject you Rain Winter. He expected her to cry and beg him to take his words back. She did the opposite. He said she was weak and fragile. Boy was he wrong. As soon as he said that she trained and trained  Day and night. Rain is now the best warrior in her pack she is also the best in the US. Her pack is #1 in rankings were as Clarke's is #4. What happens when they meet. Again. Will He regret the rejection. Will He beg for forgiveness. If he does Will Rain forgive him? 

-slow updates I'm sorry ): -

Sorry guys but like 10 of the first chaps have no punctuation and spaces but the rest of the book does I'm working on editing. Sorry. 


It doesn't say    f_ck or sh_t   just other words like that just less offensive words. 

Thanks (:  - sterling25

PenguinGirl1246 PenguinGirl1246 Nov 25, 2016
You mother ******************* I swear to goshness I will rip your head off and shove it up your ass!!!!
I don't hate sweat I love it 
                              Sweat for me is the sign that I've worked hard
Moongirl987 Moongirl987 Nov 13, 2016
HA that is like my room with purple. My walls are different shades of purple, all my pillows are purple, my comforter is purple, my sheets and my lamp are purple.
Ltcaine1 Ltcaine1 Sep 01, 2016
I love the way you are writing this book and keep up with the good work 😀 😀
Omg I'm always saying that I'm going to make my own dictionary and put a whole bunch of made up words in it
She really likes orange my gosh I like purple but I don't make my room all purple