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Dragon's Assasin

Dragon's Assasin

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EasDeath By EasDeath Updated Oct 01, 2016

What If After fighting Ikatsunagi. Natsu was sent to another world where empire is corrupted and ruled by young emperor and a corrupted prime Minister.

How Natsu will come home? how he will survive in the land full of corrupted people?

dusktodawn360 dusktodawn360 Sep 24, 2016
That kinda reminds me of a friend who's color blind so every day I tell him the color of everything
Demon_Natsu-Dragneel Demon_Natsu-Dragneel Jun 03, 2016
So Where in fiore
                              Elfman: *sneeze* someone is talking about being a man whoever that person is he is manly
DaRkChAoZlOrD DaRkChAoZlOrD Sep 29, 2016
XD while that's true Natsu probably wants to that to Fairy Tails perverts lol
Demon_Natsu-Dragneel Demon_Natsu-Dragneel Jun 03, 2016
I call this ship leotsu(not leo or aka loki x natsu ok) i hope this ship wont sink
StarDragonBooster StarDragonBooster Apr 02, 2016
@Gajeelthecatlover badly does not exist here. Good riddance.
Alex_the_kitsune Alex_the_kitsune Sep 18, 2016
You aren't much better. In the games you wanted to go see Lucy while she was in the bath.