Avengers Daddy Daughter One-shots, Preferences, and inserts.

Avengers Daddy Daughter One-shots, Preferences, and inserts.

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Dawn Dagger By IAmDawnDagger Updated Aug 13, 2016

So, I've been reading a lot and (because I totally need ANOTHER thing to work on) I got so happy with Loki and Reader! Daughter; Heart Stolen Twice, I wanted to make more Avengers preferences!

I wrote a lot (three pages) and shared it with my friend (she wants to kill me to update now) and so I'm posting them on here!

Pietro (Quicksilver)
Bucky (Winter Solider)
Bruce (Hulk)
Steve (Captain America)
Tony (Iron Man)
Thor (God of Thunder)

Enjoy! <3

MeighanMaria MeighanMaria Aug 17, 2016
I wish I was Pietro's kid I would avoid getting hurt A LOT more! Lol
Sangster__Gangster Sangster__Gangster Aug 07, 2016
It's funny because when I was little and me and my dad had Father Daughter time we'd always watch Finding Nemo
Kidvengers Kidvengers Oct 01, 2016
We always reference it in our house
                              Go back, go back, go back to where you where
teamJelsa teamJelsa Aug 18, 2016
Dawww I loved blues clues when I was a little girl. God now I feel super old XD
ShaylaL3ggs ShaylaL3ggs Jun 24, 2016
I know this is suppose to reference Blue's Clue, but all I could think about was Vision in Civil War.
NotAn11yearOld NotAn11yearOld Sep 05, 2016
I still watch blues clues. WITH MY COUSIN I'M NOT THAT WEIRD