Let's play a game(Characters X Reader) DISCONTINUED

Let's play a game(Characters X Reader) DISCONTINUED

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YanderousOtaku By yanderousOtaku Updated Dec 05, 2016

"Lets play a game Ciely!!" Cheerfully announces Alois as he claps his hands together.

"Whoever wins gets the girl." He says with a sudden change of tone and an evil smile creeping along his pale face.
You're a homeless orphan who escaped the orphanage and now live in the streets with no parents as they had died when you were younger. People said it was a mis-fortune but you knew it was murder and you were determined to find the person that did it and take revenge.

Alois finds you and holds you in captivity as a maid in his mansion as one day Ciel realizes that you were the girl he was supposed to save and take care of.

Alois who is clearly enjoying to keep you his as he knows how much Ciel holds on to you, makes him play a game as the winner holds the price of keeping you.
WARNING ⚠️ may contain vulgar/violent and sexual contents....because Alois is Alois...and we can't change that xD This is a story where all four, Ciel, Sebastian, Claude and Alois fall in love with you, the reader! I havent found any of these before so here you go! I'll do one for everyone who's been loving these four baes as much as I! ^-^

DISCALIMER: I do not own kuroshitsuji nor any of the characters, and you own yourself XD but I DO own the ideas of this story

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yanderemikuforciel yanderemikuforciel Aug 10, 2016
Ciel dear im a yandere to plz marry me oh and plus NODICE ME SANPAI!!.... Done (blushes ted as sn apple) whispering: i can't believe i said it to him plz answer me ciel sanpai... 0///0
I can literally sing the whole song in Japanese and I speak English 😎
- - Dec 21, 2015
Season 2's bloody wonderful <3 I don't get why it gets so much hate... :P