The billionaire's chocolate

The billionaire's chocolate

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sweetchocolate07 By sweetchocolate07 Updated Dec 25, 2015

Everyone knows him as his the top ten richest men alive and the companies he has all around the world. Paparazzi, women, Men, bidders cant get enough of him, in fact they all want more.

One day he goes to a privet fashion party and someone catches his eye. A fine-looking, smooth chocolate queen. He finds his way with women, but never stays around them too long.

One day, both worlds emerge and may create a new born. maybe its too late, but when his out of the picture, how would it affect the story?

Amhj89 Amhj89 Mar 02, 2016
Never understood why ppl are so impressed with such things that are meaningless
Bunnyssister14 Bunnyssister14 Nov 24, 2016
Bro my mom, and aunt are in the next room and I'm acting like a fool but height key HE IS FINE LIKE REALLY FUCKABLE FINE ASS MAN
that1blackgirl18 that1blackgirl18 Jul 11, 2016
I just keep staring at him. He is just all types of sexy 👅💦
PseudonymousOne PseudonymousOne Aug 11, 2016
I wish private was actually spelled "privet". Looks better to me
Zivvygirl6 Zivvygirl6 Aug 31, 2016
awful man!! what  kind of specimen is that because that is clearly not human!!
shies322 shies322 Nov 25, 2016
                              Rude Much?
                              What an Arse
                              He treated her so badly....