Yes, Sir ♡ (A.i)

Yes, Sir ♡ (A.i)

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Brat By cxcxttyl Updated Jun 07, 2017

If you had the chance to change your life, would you? 

 Luciana Camille is a sharp-tongued 16 year old girl with a damaged heart. Her first day of Junior year introduces to her a new hope for her life. 

Ashton Irwin is a secretly dominant man with a secret. His first day on the job as a high school teacher shows him something he can pour his heart into. 

Will the sexy new Bio teacher be able to break down Luce's walls? Can she do the same for him? 

And will they be able to keep their hands off of each other in the process? 


 16 year old Luciana (Luce for short) Camille (student)
28 year old Ashton Irwin (teacher)

 Warning//: Explicit content/language. Daddy Kink, and age gap are involved. Sexual content. Mature readers only. Don't read if you're going comment rude things.

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Marlboro lite(I think that’s how you spell it) 100s in a box?😂😂😂I hang with my mom too much help
LikeReading24 LikeReading24 Nov 02, 2017
I LOVE HER!  SHE HAS THE NONCHALANT ATTITUDE I WANT EVEN A FRACTION OF. Side note though,  I don't like that she smokes...  But I can easily look over that
LukeNotNukes LukeNotNukes May 23, 2017
My uniform is a plaid skirt and a white (practically see through May I add) polo with the school name on it, then we usually wear knee highs
RepressedDemo RepressedDemo Nov 18, 2016
Damň what kind of a school make kids wear those kinds of uniforms
_Writing_Dreams _Writing_Dreams Jan 01, 2017
I love her. She's perfect. The sass levels are amazing. Just YES in general to Luce.