Just me and you|JacksepticeyeXReader|✔️|

Just me and you|JacksepticeyeXReader|✔️|

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You have been a Youtuber gaming star for about 4 years now and you have 5.7 million subs. So YouTube invited you to the first ever YouTube awards. It was going to be help in England and you heard lots of big Youtubers were going to be there.

So of course you decided to go in hopes of meeting some fans and other Youtubers. Little did you know you would meet someone very special to you.
Began|Janurary 8th,2015
Completed|October 22,2016
Was temporarily on hold.


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The_Nights_Without The_Nights_Without Jun 28, 2016
Cupquake was my idle...😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Lilybelle128 Lilybelle128 Jul 03, 2016
My question is, what's with the 'happy dances'? 
                              I'm unaware of this because emotions do not exist within me
sxooter1 sxooter1 Jul 15, 2016
Funny thing I was just doing my happy dance cuz I showed my mom my fav show and she likes it and now we r gonna watch it this weekend tho I've already seen the entire season 1 cuz it's currently on hiatus and season two I don't know when it comes out so I am constantly checking hulu