Love and Punishment (Islamic Story)

Love and Punishment (Islamic Story)

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elmnur By elmnur Updated Sep 04, 2017

"The only reason we got married is because of my father don't forget that and besides your parents sold you to me" he growled and then smirk. Those words were enough for Asyas blood boil in anger, she was staring at her so called husband with wide eyes, her hands were in tight fist. She never said a word when he insulted her many times but her parents was different, he cant say a word. She wouldn't allow it. After all he didn't know the real reason to it. So she did something that was unexpected she slapped him, she slapped him so hard which echoed thru the room, she did it with all the force she had left in her. She already was heart broken but this.... It was too much for her. She couldn't hide her tears anymore, the last time she cried was when her father passed away which was three years ago....

Asya or Asi as the people in the village call her, means Rebellious, indeed she was. She only knew her rights which was thought by her father. She always stood up agains wrong and helped people in need and was a very happy and bubbly person until one night. Which changed her heart and life forever.
Now three years later she had to make a decision to save her mothers life by agreeing the marriage proposal. 

What will Asya do?
How would she react? 
Based on the true events

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kayla544 kayla544 Jul 26, 2017
Who's the actress, I watch Turkish shows but I've never seen her
julyXD julyXD Aug 07, 2017
Hey I just started to write a story I'd like it if you read it and helped me get people to read it I'd love you opinion to thanks
seykhatN seykhatN Jun 21, 2016
Isnt he from that new movie yuksek sosyete i love that movie
miss_shallow miss_shallow Jan 16, 2017
U know what i love ur story for every reason, u write too good and the way this couple is heading towards a successful marriage even tough having lots of thorns is soooo enticing. Its a request plzzz update soon
princess_jerry princess_jerry Jan 11, 2017
What a story man. Seriously!😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😚😚😚