SaruMi ~ Saruhiko X Yata Oneshots  {LEMON}

SaruMi ~ Saruhiko X Yata Oneshots {LEMON}

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Feliks By positively_poland Completed

Okay, wow... so, apparently you guys wanted more than a oneshot with this, so, imma just do a bunch of smut oneshots between the two losers. I'm no good at writing full on stories so I'll just write oneshots. Yeah.

K9bites101 K9bites101 Aug 14
*eyes are full and of stars* yas I love it so much thank you for this oneshot!!!
This was really good you most likely  could make it a story out of it .
Daddy_Is_Here_O_o Daddy_Is_Here_O_o 4 days ago
                              Dick is life
*I'll make this into more than a oneshot , no matter what, even though it's very likely that everyone'll want more of my bad ass writing
                              I fixed it for you!
England256 England256 Nov 06
Your writing is far from shitty and I would seriously appreciate it if you could make this into more than a One shot.
Hillary_tgw Hillary_tgw Aug 07
I remember the first time I read this :)
                              *casually reads it 3 more times*