Gilbert Girl     ↠Stefan and Damon

Gilbert Girl ↠Stefan and Damon

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Zoe By RawrDino4 Updated Jul 09, 2017

Elena never knew she had a younger sister. Catlin's adoptive parents passed away and her only other family is in Mystic Falls.  There she meets Stefan and Damon. She attracts both brothers but doesn't know. Stefan denys his feeling because she's younger than him and Damon denys his feelings because he doesn't want to drag her into all this drama.

They live quite for a while but what happens when Klaus arrives?

*Elena bashing*
Season 1

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XxJlynXx XxJlynXx Jun 07, 2017
Stefan. The are enough Damon love stories out there (though I'm not complaining much about that)
XxJlynXx XxJlynXx Jun 07, 2017
Wait, isn't your fake age 17? If it was, it'd work out for you two. I mean think back to Jeremy and Bonnie
XxJlynXx XxJlynXx Jun 07, 2017
He's 18 supposedly and she's 16. You're like 25 and your talking about him liking a younger girl?
*le gasp* Elena whining how horrible, everyone must be so upset, life has paused, the world stopped spinning, oh wait no one cares, life is stilll in action, and the world continues to spin. Sorry not sorry Elena.
thememejack thememejack Sep 19, 2017
Wait isn't Jeremy Elena little brother? So they would be brother and sister... but in this... book logic confuses ts outta me
noodlesrforpoodles noodlesrforpoodles Jun 18, 2017
One time a guy walked up to my sister sniffed her hair then said Your hair smells like coconuts.