yandere otome

yandere otome

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baka_onna By kawaiimeganechan_ Updated Jul 28

As a precocious child, Licorice suffers from a strange sense of deja vu. On the day her father told her about her fiancé, she realizes that her fiancé was actually a character from an otome game she once played in a previous life.

"I am the heroine's rival from the game?
And in the bad ending, I get stabbed to death?
What a joke."

A story in which the protagonist is determined to avoid a yandere situation.o

(based on wed novel)
>>>not mine story<<<
credits to forgetfuldreamer

Interesting... I like your idea. My first time reading  story like this
Nice. The translations you used to change the chapter along is wonderful. Aka fancy words for the way you wrote this chapter is cool.