Lost and Found{REMAKE}

Lost and Found{REMAKE}

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jay By PandaUnicornLover Updated Oct 08, 2016

The guys made a bet to see who could sleep with their girlfriends. The girls find out and are heartbroken until they find out that... They're pregnant. 

The girls leave after the guys break their hearts. When they come back, they are stronger, wiser, older, and.. 

They have kids?

{Same OTPs like last book}

QalaxyCinamnonRolls QalaxyCinamnonRolls Jun 03, 2017
I honestly don't think Jellal would do that. It's Jellal. The others maybe but JELLAL THAT CUTE LITTLE MUFFIN WITH(i was going to say innocence...but Tower of Heaven) ☹️
alyssa_awesomeness alyssa_awesomeness Sep 18, 2016
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lucy_dragneel01 lucy_dragneel01 Sep 05, 2016
Wait now that I'm thinking about it who did freed her pregnant and who got Minerva pregnant
LoxarSweetie LoxarSweetie May 10, 2016
WHAAAT?! *Grabs a frying pan at the kitchen; hits girls at their heads* Hey hey! No messing with my OTP's!
WarPrincessTitania WarPrincessTitania Sep 24, 2016
Then how did the other parents in Fiore take care of their children!?!?
tubong100504 tubong100504 Dec 29, 2016
Ohhh good I'm so relief but is Wendy going to training with the other girl who is pregnant