Claimed by the Heartless

Claimed by the Heartless

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Mia Holt, rejected by her best friend Cole Raven , who so happens to be the alpha. Apparently she wasn't strong enough to lead a pack. Though he still claims her as his which leaves poor Mia confused. She doesn't leave but keeps her head held up high pushing pass the pain till Cole mates with another. Hurt and humiliated she leaves and starts a new life now a student in college and working at a cafe near by.

Cole was left devastated as he tries and searches for his rejected mate.

Once Mia thinks her life was turning out to be okay things start to fall once she bumps into the heartless  Xavier Falls.

Kills for a living, you'd be lucky if you caught him smiling.

Which was rare, very rare.

Known to be heartless, cruel and cold.

What happens when the mood goddess gives mia a second chance mate?

Who happens to be Xavier Falls...

- - Jul 14
Punch him kick him where sun don't shine mess up that ugly face and make him beg I mean BEG FOR YOU TO FORGIVE HIM!!!!
I'm actually running from my problems right now. They will catch up to me but for right now I'll just keep jogging far away
- - Jul 14
Wtf I would just get out of the other two guys hold and walk away saying, 
                              "Had a mate, been there done that don't want too do it again so BYE" And slam the door on my way out.
Canfytown Canfytown May 16
This is the major reason as to why I'm not going to rent a house during college and university.😧 Instead I'm gonna live with my parents 😈
unreal2001 unreal2001 Feb 23, 2016
i would say update but \/\/\/ they did it for me so....derp?
Jiminx2 Jiminx2 Jan 13, 2016
I can't wait for your first chapter! It's sounds so interesting and so good!