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Goodnight, darling. || BxB

Goodnight, darling. || BxB

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Bunny By Bxnny_ Updated Apr 30

Sora is alone in the world. A victim of his drunken mother's abuse, he seeks comfort in being alone. He has fallen into a supposedly incurable depression, crying himself to sleep night after night.

Jax is a host. Earning his riches through entertaining women, his life is good. However, it can get rather boring. Despite being popular amongst women of all ages, he is lonely. Living alone in a luxurious apartment complex, he drinks alcohol for comfort.

After an unexpected encounter with one another, Jax can immediately tell that something is wrong.

As a demon, he can sense it. 


well......almost every guy I met has prettier eye lashes than girls
*nods* I add many spoons of suger, if I add enough it'll taste sweat yet bitter when it gets cold
No it's "a place where rich young men with too much time on their hands entertain rich young women who also have too much time on their hands"
Red is a rather interesting color
                              Blood, Roses, Wine, Hair, lipstick
                              It symbolizes love and hatred.....
                              How interesting...
If he says hurting someone's feelings is worse than hurting someone physically I'm calling him Loveless. I picture him the same, he's got a similar home situation, a mysterious stranger is being fairly intimate. Tell me he's not just a bit similar
Every time I read this I have to fight off giggles because my favorite restaurant is called Ramen Sora.