Half Hajime/Half Uchiha.[Book 1]

Half Hajime/Half Uchiha.[Book 1]

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"Our weakness becomes our strength. It's what makes us stronger, helps is grow, helps us to be able to protect the ones we love, it helps us to be able to bring people like you down. But it also gives us pain, and lets us suffer. It causes conflict between ourselves whether it be man or child."

                               -Kira Hajime

A descendant of Madara Uchiha, Kira sets out on her journey to become a strong and powerful kunoichi, in order to do this she must live through the pain and happiness that awaits her.

A/N:I do not own any characters nor the anime itself(unfortunately), just Kira and any future Oc's or story plots...

Nai-chai Nai-chai Jun 28
??? But it said 15 in the description....meh I won't question it
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Im confused you said "Kira Ayame Hajime Uchiha" but where's the "Hyuuga"? She does have a byakugan but she's not a Hyuuga?
It's like saying your name is King Duckass the Walking Cockatoo the II, that's a long ass name.
I feel kinda bad for her, both her clans have been massacred
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