Save Me From Myself (Gaara Love Story)

Save Me From Myself (Gaara Love Story)

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Tora By Radioactive_Ninja138 Updated Jul 05, 2016


When Tora was seven, her parents were killed. They were sent on a mission to the sand village and didn't return. A year later, they were reported dead. Karasu, Tora's older brother, was left with the responsibility of taking care of her. The only problem is that he absolutely hates her. In his eyes, Tora is weak and useless; but Tora refuses to give up. She refuses to be weak.

When Tora meets Gaara during the chunnin exams, they begin to develop strange new feelings towards each other. The bloodthirsty sand spirit, Shukaku, takes a liking to Tora as well.

Will they be able to overcome their loneliness or will everything continue to fall apart?

~I do not own Naruto or any of the characters from Naruto. I only own Tora and my other OC's. All rights go to Masashi Kishimoto.~

*This is my first fanfic so please don't be rude. I shall try to make this good but if it's not.... Well..... I do not know..... :/ Erm... Enjoy~!*

ChasingMissfortune ChasingMissfortune Mar 20, 2016
Not only are you an amazing artist and, so far, author. Your handwriting is like a dream come true, it's so neat and pretty.
Megan29Hemmings Megan29Hemmings Dec 13, 2016
And now I'm lying on the cold hard ground, Ooooooh Oooooooooooh🎼 Sorry I couldn't help it
MichaelisHearts MichaelisHearts Jun 15, 2016
That's awesome! So, I have a question, artist to artist. Would you mind if I drew fanart? Just wondering.
dorklosaurus dorklosaurus Mar 21, 2016
Can we all just take a minute to praise you for your art? THIS IS AMAZING!!!!!
                              seriously though I wish I could draw like you.
Snowy_Winter14 Snowy_Winter14 Dec 17, 2016
The world's greatest mystery. But hey! It is Anime!!! Anime-logic!!!
KateAnnabella0 KateAnnabella0 Aug 10, 2016
I want to draw like that........imma look at it and look at will the amazing detail in it and the words that are so true.