Young Royalty

Young Royalty

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H By azhannah01 Updated Jul 07, 2017

A sequel to The Brave One

Iris gave birth to a beautiful little girl named Lilliana Rose. As she grew up, she became very beautiful. Lilliana also has the will and spirit of her mother. She acts proper with good manners around other people, but as soon as they're gone, she can always be found riding a horse or swinging a sword.

Then one day, on her sixteenth birthday, she runs across a family being attacked. They're poor peasants who were just trying to find some food. Among them is a son a little bit older than Lilliana. His name is Malachi. Lilliana's mother invites them to stay at the castle. 

With new people at the castle, Lilliana has to learn to adjust. But will she be able to keep her heart, or will she fall just as her mother did?

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bebeklucu bebeklucu Mar 08
It's smell of unpredictable journey. Can't wait the next part. Great story *thumbs UP
Loony_Liney Loony_Liney Apr 24, 2017
                              Just kidding, really good so far
daladae daladae Jan 30, 2016
HOORAY! tho i was hoping to see more Ashton and Iris. But i can tell this is gonna turn out amazing!
the_bounty_huntress the_bounty_huntress Feb 12, 2016
yesss thank u so much. im so happy that u went ahead with the sequel. thank you thank you thank you !!!!!
xsweetharmony xsweetharmony Feb 16, 2016
Aww it's great that he got together with Sonia ^^ (assuming it's the one from the previous book)
cpianowski cpianowski Jan 23, 2016
Theory: she meets a man/woman at her uncle's and falls for them.