Love sick - > Chapters 61-66

Love sick - > Chapters 61-66

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flaviafale By flaviafale Updated Dec 23, 2015

This story doesn't belong to me!

These chapters (61 - 66) were translated automatically from chinese translation, I jusd edited the translation, as it was not easy to understand the automatic one at first.

My thanks to INDRYTIMES, for writing this amazing story!

Also, thanks, who translated most of the chapters here -->

nonsystem85 nonsystem85 May 11, 2016
Thank you so much.... I have been searching whole evening for complete translation but mostly only provided summary
BossyCruel BossyCruel Mar 20, 2016
so hard to understand I only understood enough to know what is going on but not the details
OsvariFriliandi OsvariFriliandi Aug 05, 2016
Its pretty difficult to understand since this one is alot different from the first one, i mean the translator's way to translate the original.
cleopatra1190 cleopatra1190 Jul 07, 2016
It's possible if the novel still continue..I mean when they are really a man(working environment)
tosinadekunle tosinadekunle Sep 27, 2016
Sorry but this translation does not make any sense to me. Thanks for sharing anyway.
shimlyra shimlyra Jan 06, 2016
\(^_^)/ yeeeaaay....
                              At least i found this chapter. I've waited at kudalakorn for such a long time.
                              Thanks for translate and share this chapter. <3