Accept me or reject me✔

Accept me or reject me✔

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"I am not your plaything. I am your mate. I am not here for when your lonely or when she's not around. Either you accept me or you reject me. But I am not your side girl" I snarled in his face, probably not a good choice.

"Emma-" he sighed and tried moving from the wall I shoved  him against.  But when he realised I wasn't backing down he gave up.

"Make your choice" I hissed and he rolled his eyes. 

"Emma I- I want to love you but I love her" he said and I pulled away from him like he burnt me.

"I see. Goodbye" I turned and walked away from him. Knowing he won't follow me.


Emma. Fiery and aggressive Emma. At first glance you would not expect such a  small, petite girl like her be so sarcastic and fierce. 
But then again Emma is probably the most caring person you'd meet.

But then things happen that make her think.  Why do the bad things happen to the good people?  And maybe someone shows her that great things happen to the good people at the end.

*warning strong language*

I was just trying to put two and two together and what if gale is her mate but he rejects her for whatever the girls name was again
VHThompson VHThompson Jun 06 does? Why didn't I know it takes forever to eat a burger?! Great now I'm embarrassed.
This is so look true! My school on the intercom ACTUALLY said and I quote "it has to cover all of your shoulder because it arouses all the guys." I'm sitting there and I whisper to my friend "da fuq  is she talking about? ITS A SHOULDER NOT A BOOB OR AN ASS
The reason for school dress codes are because of Christian parents. Before school starts the school district has meetings, and since there are more Christians in the world, they get more votes to these type of things. I know because my English teacher in 9th grade told me.
It's like this at my school and yet all the girls wear seriously short pencil skirts and if I were to wear a skirt cuz it's too hot I get a detention
am I the only one who thinks this who rule is really one sided? like girls have to cover most of their skin because it 'arouses' the guys, but you don't see me  forcing guys to wear ski masks all the time because they're jaw lines are too sharp 🙄