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e m i l y By fuckboyfriar Completed

I'm a germophobe, a girl like me and a guy like him just won't work ever . or so I thought .
Maya hart, a girl with a big phobia of germs, struggles through her life. being a foster child and a germophobe Is hard work . what worries Maya the most is finding someone who could love her the way she is, she finds that someone eventually, Lucas friar, but loving a germophobe has its consequences . 

discover the perks of falling in love with someone so strange, and find out if their love will last . 
l u c a y a 
{based off of the show , girl meet world}

RilayaDreamcatcher RilayaDreamcatcher Jul 27, 2016
You and me both Riley. Shipping the Cowboy with your Peaches
jeffersass jeffersass Jun 23, 2016
i dont even know what to say because this line, this line here is me.
RilayaDreamcatcher RilayaDreamcatcher Jul 24, 2016
Is there by any chance i can get the link for the chapter?...
3nterUserNameHere 3nterUserNameHere Aug 05, 2016
GIRLS, you know when you see someone get kicked in the balls and YOU FEEL IT EVEN THO YOU DONT HAVE THEM
Momomarie10 Momomarie10 Jan 23
Maya is just like Freak in Freak the mighty if any body read the book it is pretty good it is not a fanfic it is a real book
EmmyStilinski EmmyStilinski Aug 10, 2016
Im not germaphobic but i probs would do that if i touched the people i hate lol