She Changed Him |Book 1|

She Changed Him |Book 1|

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I woke up to the sun beaming through my curtains. I rolled out of my bed lazily going to the bathroom.

After taking my shower and getting dressed I kissed my mom's picture before leaving my room. 

I kicked the beer cans out of my path as I walked over to my dad.

"Dad." I whispered as I shook him.

"Danny?" He asked as he woke up. Danielle is my mother who passed away six years ago.

I sighed, "No, daddy it's Tara."

"Oh." He looked at me. "You look pretty." 

I smiled, "Thanks. It's seven, you have to be at work in an hour."

He slowly nodded his head before getting up, "Have a good day, baby girl." 

He kissed my temple before heading upstairs. I grabbed a pear before leaving out the door of our shaggy townhouse.

Yes, my father is an alcoholic. He started drinking heavily when my mom passed away from heart disease when I was ten. 

I remember having to help him into his bed because he was too drunk to stand on his own. Eventually he lost his job and had to settle as a janito...

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Jp_0707 Jp_0707 Nov 18
Daddy, why you gotta be so mean. I love both y'all equally, can we all just get along
iAmFaith1 iAmFaith1 Oct 10
At least he's not one of those abusive parents who blames the child.
KariBarbie KariBarbie Mar 27
Ikr i really feel like all that extra math is worthless like geometry trigonometry calculus and algebra. As long as ik how to add subtract multiply and divide im good
What the hell, I can't even imagine him saying this stuff😂😂 gay ass JkJk don't come for me
Nigga stand up for yoself, I'm not used to this kind of August
You say you got a girl now you want me how you want me when you got a girl?