She Changed Him |Book 1|

She Changed Him |Book 1|

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Miniya By NiyAlsina Completed


I woke up to the sun beaming through my curtains. I rolled out of my bed lazily going to the bathroom.

After taking my shower and getting dressed I kissed my mom's picture before leaving my room. 

I kicked the beer cans out of my path as I walked over to my dad.

"Dad." I whispered as I shook him.

"Danny?" He asked as he woke up. Danielle is my mother who passed away six years ago.

I sighed, "No, daddy it's Tara."

"Oh." He looked at me. "You look pretty." 

I smiled, "Thanks. It's seven, you have to be at work in an hour."

He slowly nodded his head before getting up, "Have a good day, baby girl." 

He kissed my temple before heading upstairs. I grabbed a pear before leaving out the door of our shaggy townhouse.

Yes, my father is an alcoholic. He started drinking heavily when my mom passed away from heart disease when I was ten. 

I remember having to help him into his bed because he was too drunk to stand on his own. Eventually he lost his job and had to settle as a janito...

demeah526 demeah526 Nov 10, 2016
I have all of them too except one of the sciences I take this year
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I love u Que but don't do that 😊 August is daddy before u
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Look Jacquees I love to death but do something else to August we gonna have to fight
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What the hell are you trying to say🖕🏾 he get more girls than you short stuff😂
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Damn I'm used to him being a tough dude in a book...poor baby😢