The Opposite  ↬Derek Hale [1]

The Opposite ↬Derek Hale [1]

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Maya By fangeekgirl Updated Aug 26

Grace Eleanor. A sweet, caring, beautiful girl. She lives with her aunt and cousin. Her parents went to France and never came back for some odd reason. She was a normal teenage girl until her mother came back. Her mother had a secret that changed everything for her and the people around her. Her mother was not the only one with a secret.

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Don't know why but I don't like her, she's so full of herself lmao
YAY!!! It might not be a big deal or very relevant but... my name is also Maya 😀
whats nike like? i've never had anything popular. is it better than ,for example, walmart or anything like that
nottpose nottpose Nov 22, 2016
i dont watch but i've seen enough destiel video edits and i ship