Vampires and Werewolves... (Ereri) (ON HOLD)

Vampires and Werewolves... (Ereri) (ON HOLD)

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When two different species meet they most fight to the death to see who is strongest, but when Eren's sees Levi for the first time, something takes a different turn. 

(I do not own any of the pictures in the book and give credit to all the amazing artists who drew the pictures)


This has death and gore, there is a few swear words here and there, and I do not write smut. Sorry!

I AM DEEPLY SORRY to be a bitch like this but  "their" not there
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                              XD I just thought of a werewolf waking up from a nap to a full moon like "Oh....I've got tits"
I picture Marco being a white wolf with black paints like spots on his face