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DJ Malik roxxx By thisgirlgotzayned97 Updated Aug 15, 2017

Natasha Kapoor is the "GOOD GIRL". She is a smart, shy, sweet girl who is loved by everyone. She is also someone you never wanna mess up with. She lives by the motto-"If you are good to me, I'll be good to you, but if you are bad to me, I'll be the worst bitch to you." But she wasn't like that before. What made her the way she is?

Zachary David is the "BAD BOY" of Harrison University. He is arrogant, rich, sexy as hell, charming and gets everything he wants in just a snap of his fingers. Everything is just a game and challenge to him. But he wasn't like that before. What made him the way he is?

What happens when Zachary sets his eyes on Natasha? Will she be only a challenge to him? Or will the BAD BOY start falling for the GOOD GIRL?

Wanna know the answers? 
Join their incredible journey to find out the answers to these unanswered questions...

#not a cliche# ( at least not completely)

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Alsdabomb Alsdabomb Mar 29, 2017
                              I just wanted to be a little dramatic don't bother with me
StephanieSmith193 StephanieSmith193 Apr 18, 2017
Love it so far. Im already guessing on what her past can be I thinking abuse of some kind
polkadot7557 polkadot7557 Aug 15, 2016
Lmao you'll make easy cash here In America. All you have to do is get and start a YouTube channel. BAM your famous
sayangkoko sayangkoko Sep 25, 2016
wow, nina dobrev is on ur cover, love it. And i already like the first chapther...hahaha make me dreaming.
jziniah jziniah Sep 14, 2016
I can't wait to read☺️ can you please check out my book @thisgirlgotzayned97
elr582 elr582 Sep 11, 2016
Hahaha oops... I didn't realize this was the start of the story... I thought this was just you talking about your life.