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Sansational! (Sans X Reader ONESHOTS)

Sansational! (Sans X Reader ONESHOTS)

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agent angst haha By agntclassified Completed

(UPDATE: boi do i regret making this one will delete l8r im srry )
(Covers credits to the owners whom I don't know fkc)

Ah yes, Undertale. The game that ruined my Christmas break in the best way. (2015)

Stories will include:

• Comic Sans
• Gaster!Sans
• Underfell!Sans 
• Well, yeah, Sans. 
• More Sans???? Idk depends on what i see on the sans tag on tumblr
• goshdangit sans has infinite possibilities hes too gd amazing wew

If it was me....
                              Me: My problem is nah Pap.
                              Pap: -_-
                              Me: Stop being Frisk, Papy. I miss Papyrus!!!
Me: knock knock
                              Sans: who's there
                              Me: olive
                              Sans: olive who
                              Me: I olive you
Everyone is talking about this shady tree and I legit have no idea what they're talking about
                              Looks like I'm out of the loop again :'
TyraDawn TyraDawn Apr 27
Voldemort? Not exactly someone humans welcomed with open arms but whatever.
Pxppies Pxppies Mar 30
*smacks Sans' head with a rolled-up newspaper* HOW DARE YOU ALMOST SWEAR INFRONT OF A PURE CINNAMON BUN?
A little............. OFF-
                              *Pepper Steak grows louder and louder*