I Hate That I love You {A Cole Pendery Fan Fiction}

I Hate That I love You {A Cole Pendery Fan Fiction}

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Kathryn By ohsnapitzkat__ Completed

Cole doesn’t say anything instead he just walks closer and closer to me making me back up more and more until I am up against a wall of my dorm. He is so close to me now that I have to look up at him.

 “I am not obsessed with you. I honestly can’t stand you and I’m going to make you pay for all of those things you have said since you got to this school. By the time I’m done with you, you will regret every single word you have ever said to me.” He says angrily.

 “Whatever you say.” I say. Cole doesn’t say anything, he just leaves without another word. He is so much worse than Ashlee described him. What kind of guy bullies a girl that they don’t even know?  He is a bully and one of the worst ones I have ever seen.

 I hate Cole Pendery and everything about him.

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ThatRandomGirl ThatRandomGirl Sep 23, 2015
Rereading this story because it's so awesome and amazingly written!
music_is_my_life_16_ music_is_my_life_16_ Mar 21, 2015
Lol that's funny because there description in the first chapter actually works for both 1d and im5
cheetapopulargirl cheetapopulargirl Mar 05, 2015
I know its just a book but I feel jealous and happy because he has Cassidy Shaffer now .are they still dating?
wolfwhut wolfwhut Dec 14, 2014
literally so happy that no only is this about im5 but it also has tyler posey in it with his character name as Scott like in teenwolf 
Thecheerinfinity Thecheerinfinity Mar 07, 2014
Hey. Oh my gerd you don't know how unbelievably good this is. Ugh can't staph reading :) your an amazing writer
qatar5er qatar5er Sep 13, 2013
I love this story.You are an amazing writer . You should write more <3