You are the only one....                       ×Book 2×

You are the only one.... ×Book 2×

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Warning: This is a sequel!
If you have not read: 
'You're not the only one...'
Do so now!

It use to be something that agonized Ruka day in and day out. It use to be the thing that made her cry herself to sleep every night. 

However, that's all changed, and now Ruka is suffering from something that hurts even more then pain.

It's been three years since Uzamaki Naruto has left Konoha. Ever since those three years Ruka has changed drastically.

She's more mature.

She's smarter.



And of course her beauty has done nothing but increase. Ruka should be living the perfect life!

However, somethings off...Ruka has a secret and only three people in the whole village know about it. Those people being: Tsunade, Ryuku, and Ruka's doctor.

No one has any reason to believe Ruka is any different. She still smiles, she still laughs...but what she does when she's alone...will determine the difference between life and death.

Now, after so long, Naruto has returned to Konoha and Ruka doesn't know how to cope with his homecoming. She convinces herself that she hates him, but why does she feel so safe around him?

Will Naruto and Ruka be able to continue the relationship they once had?

Or will Ruka's big secret mean the end for her?
"Ruka" Naruto said softly "I'm your best friend. If there's something wrong I want to be the first person to hear about it; I'll protect you with my life. I promise."

"Don't promise that" I said quietly "my life is unpredictable. I could die the next day and you would never know."

"That's not true."

"Try me."

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KimyonaExousia KimyonaExousia Nov 23, 2017
This definitely reminds me of Yui when she feels Asuna's aura in Alfheim
mouseykitty mouseykitty Jul 09, 2017
Right when I began Bruno Mars' Grenade came on.......hey isn't that just like Naruto? 😏 she does everything yet he doesn't tell her before hand that he's leaving nor tries to stop her from running away from him.
                              Heres something to know.
                              If you hate someobe so much.
                              You'll eventually fall for them.
                              I read that in a book once.
HadidaOP HadidaOP Jul 17, 2016
Anatadaephobia - the fear that somewhere, somehow, a duck is always watching.
comorade comorade Apr 10, 2016
Aww hope fully there some kissing parts in the other chapters after this XD
ScarletNight02 ScarletNight02 Apr 09, 2016
I absolutely love the prologue!! Please update soon!!!!!🙌