The Portrait Of Lady Blood

The Portrait Of Lady Blood

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World War II is underway. Germans drop their bombs on the streets of London. 

Emmeline is charged with being strong for her Daddy and to take care of her Maman and her little sister Madeline, as they make their way to Bannerscombe Manor, an old familial estate that was purchased after a mysterious price drop. 

The sun shines brighter than London here. And birds chirp louder. And the forest comes alive with colour and sound. And there is so much house to explore, so many nooks and crannies to be delved into. 

There is so much to see. 

Like the little skeletons that line the basement beneath the walls. Like the portraits that change when nobody is looking. Like the series of dreams that haunt Emmeline since her first night in Bannerscombe. 

Like the Great Old Ones, patiently waiting, watching, baiting and yearning for fresh blood. 

Madeline's blood.


Illustrated by @NeverCatchMe
Amazing cover by @hxrmonize-

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- - May 21, 2017
This was an excellent first chapter with great description, pacing, and tension.
wow, that was good! i am impressed! can't wait to read more!
mimitales mimitales Aug 11, 2016
This is one of the most interesting first chapters i have read. Very creepy and that's why I love it.😁
ihardison ihardison Feb 27, 2016
Jesus, man. This is really really scaring me... 
                              PS: "thin eyes" - what a unique way of portraying something. So you though.
AllThingsPI AllThingsPI May 02, 2016
The use of Azathoth intrigues me... 
                              Why would elder gods be in a story about a little girl fleeing a war? Hmm...
Kristiekc Kristiekc Feb 29, 2016
Love the line ' stood silent and sane '. Did you ever see the film The Others , this first chapter has the same feel about it. Foreboding and chilly.