A Kiss Under The Mistletoe

A Kiss Under The Mistletoe

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Marianne By MissReadsTooMuch Updated Jul 26, 2017

Bibliophile Gwen got kissed under a mistletoe at a Christmas Party. She has no idea who kissed her. That's a good thing because she is willing to forget that it ever happened. It was a humiliating moment for her. She wants to forget about it, however, her school keeps on buzzing who kissed Mary. 

Unfortunately, fate has other plans and that kiss was only the beginning.

Because of forgetting an important envelope in school and trying to get it on a blizzard night, she got snowed in school with a certain someone.

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omg this book hit #434 in Teen Fiction (12/22/16)
#386 in Teen Fiction (12/23/16)
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#322 in Teen Fiction (12/31/16)

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Karm12 Karm12 Nov 16, 2017
Oh gosh, I had to read Great Expectations my freshman year and it was painful. Pretty good book, but so long
Kuietkittykat Kuietkittykat Aug 02, 2017
Should i be sorry all i can think about is Will?? I can feel my heart breaking again..
_MyEntity_ _MyEntity_ Dec 16, 2016
I'm a bookneard too. I love to read (my favorite thing in the world to do!) 😝😜
Bookworm93761 Bookworm93761 Jan 02, 2017
I can do that with books ALL THE TIME......if only I could do the same with homework.
Nikolean Nikolean May 06, 2016
                              I like Gwen's character already! Her thoughts are interesting and she took notes of places- making it humerous. I also liked the many italicized words used craftily. Wonderful job for your first chapter!
PeaceWillWin PeaceWillWin Jan 03, 2017
Herondale? I died. And now I have to think of Will Herondale. This is not okay. Why would you do this to me? And The Last Hours hasn't come out yet, has it? I don't think it has.