The BadBoy Changed His Ways.

The BadBoy Changed His Ways.

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XoXBelieverXoX By XoXBelieverXoX Updated Jul 09, 2013

Brookelyn Hayes is a seven-teen year old girl that lives with her mother and five year old brother Skyler. She always goes by the rules, gets good grades, and has no time for boys. She lost her dad from cancer when she was four-teen.  
That year, she also lost apart of her self. She wasn't that happy go lucky girl anymore. She stayed to herself, and was more sarcastic than ever. Her mom took it really hard and decided it would be best for her family to move to a different state, California. 

  Austin Campbell is a eight-teen year old arrogant, rude, obnoxious bad boy. Never has a girlfriend, never goes to class and only sticks to his four friends, Caleb, Tyler, Brandon, and Zack. His parents are always on business trips and never has time for him. He feels neglected, and tend to get into trouble a lot.

  As you can see Brookelyn Hayes and Austin Campbell are the complete opposite of each other.

 What happens when they cross paths and find out that their neighbours? 

They say opposites attract...

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XxInfatuatedxX XxInfatuatedxX Sep 14, 2017
She's pretty but she's more cute. Ughhh why she gotta be so cute like... WHYY
delenaislifee delenaislifee Mar 25, 2016
so far, so good. a book wear the main character actually has style! yay
bobs_bugs_begone bobs_bugs_begone Oct 26, 2016
Same tho like I'm sitting in math and was like "if only I had powers to change the clock to make it the end of the period "
bellaandy bellaandy Mar 23, 2015
Plot twist, her father is a gang leader and still alive and sends them 15.000$ every month!! (idrk)
Sparrow91 Sparrow91 Jun 02, 2014
This is really good, I had a similar experience when I was a teenager lol. Voted!!
ilovenerdss ilovenerdss Apr 22, 2014
That probably has to be one of the most embarrassing things that can possibly happen to a teenage girl and I'm sort of proud to say that I was once in a similar situation